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Ecological and beautiful urns and baby caskets

The selection of an ecological urn has a meaning to the environment. The lokta paper urns and felted wool coated urns and baby caskets designed by Riitta Reinilä-Strömmer are ecological and unique. They decompose quickly and do not contain toxic materials or any metals. The products are carefully manufactured observing sustainable development and fair trade principles. The manufacturing process does not overload the environment and no child labour is used in the production.

Our urns and caskets are produced in Nepal with care by following the principles of sustainable development and fair trade. It is taken care of in the designing of the products, that the process of production doesn't harm the nature in Nepal. With the growing markets for urns in Europe, Lalupate Ltd. aims at increasing the number of jobs with good working conditions and decent salary for the Nepalese workers. No child labor is used in the production of our urns and caskets.

Our funeral products fullfill EU's environmental recommendations.