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Riitta Reinilä-Strömmer tel. +358 400 476 115 /

Lalupate Ltd's showroom Studio Himalaya in Herttoniemi: Sahaajankatu 20 A, 00880 Helsinki (by appointment)

Sustainable development and fair trade

Lalupate Ltd. is focused on various cooperation with Nepal. The main task of the company is to design and manufacture ecological hand-made products produced from natural materials through its own producers in Nepal, as well as to import products to Finland, Scandinavia, Germany and other European countries.

Sustainable development and fair trade are the principles guiding the company's activities. In order to monitor the implementation of the principles, our products are made by known manufacturers, whom we visit once a year to negotiate, perform quality control, and teach how to make new products. Therefore, we know well the workers who manufacture our products and the environment in which they work.

One of the major challenges is to meet high quality requirements that we have set to our products, without compromising the ecological and individual essence of the products.

The products bearing the RRS Design sign are designed by Riitta Reinilä-Strömmer. The ideas are generated by own needs and by customer requests. Only ecological and natural materials are used in the manufacture of products. Knowing the materials used and their special characteristics is an essential part of the design. In the design of products, Riitta Reinilä-Strömmer employs her strong skills acquired when she worked in Nepal and in the collaboration with the Nepalese since 1992. The majority of the products are manufactured by private producers in Nepal but, if necessary, a small part is manufactured at her own workshop in Helsinki.

Thanks to the participation in dozens of fairs in Finland and abroad, the needs of customers and the offer of products - particularly those that are not yet available - have become known. Based on this, the demand for products that are uniquely created is growing all the time.

Lalupate Ltd. aims at offering its customers products and materials, that are not available in other shops and companies. The quality of the products and ethical production are the criteria in designing new products.